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About Our Work

Civic Space Network / About Our Work

Who We Are

Civic Space Network – Africa (CSNA) is a network of civil society organisations and individuals that are dedicated to promoting and protecting civic space, digital or physical, online or offline in Africa that people need to organise, mobilise, intervene and transform their societies. It works to promote the establishment and maintenance of an enabling environment that allows communities to develop and use local agency to grapple with issues that affect them and pursue causes that resolve societal challenges in an accountable and non-violent way.

CSNA documents and analyses threats or attacks to civil space in whatever form including through regulatory and policy frameworks and administrative action that undermine the full enjoyment of fundamental rights such as freedoms of association, assembly, expression and right to protests. CSNA is acutely aware that civic space is the oxygen through which civil society, the human rights movement, social movements, labour and students movements, faith based movements, communities and business associations work to transform societies.

What We Do (Our Mission)

Advocacy and policy engagement:

Focusing on promoting an enabling environment for civil society and defending civic space rights, such as freedom of association, assembly, and expression.

Capacity Development:

Offering workshops, webinars, and training resources to strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs), media, and academic institutions in areas like strategic planning, fundraising, and leadership development.

Networking & Collaboration:

Facilitating connections, partnerships, and alliances among diverse stakeholders, including CSOs, media organizations, academics, and governmental institutions.

Research & Analysis:

Conducting in-depth research on civic space trends, challenges, and opportunities to inform policy decisions, advocacy strategies and knowledge generation.

Knowledge sharing & resource hub:

Creating an online repository of best practices, case studies, and resources to support civil society actors in their work.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Tracking the impact of interventions and initiatives on civic space, with a focus on continuous learning and improvement.

Public awareness & engagement:

Raising awareness of the importance of a vibrant civic space, fostering dialogue, and encouraging public participation in social and political processes.

Digital & Technology support:

Providing digital tools, interactive online platforms, and resources to enhance collaboration, communication, and the effectiveness of civil society efforts.

Legal & Regulatory assistance:

Offering legal support and expertise to help navigate complex regulations and protect civic space rights.

Grant making & financial support:

Mobilizing resources to support CSOs, media organizations, and academic institutions in advancing their civic space initiatives.

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